Frequently Asked Questions

How many games do you currently have?

7. Three versions of Drink and Know Kenya, 69, Who’s the MEME Bazu?, Quizpicable and the Big 5 Jigsaw Puzzle.

Be on the lookout for new games.

What’s the difference between the 3 versions of Drink and Know Kenya?

Each of the versions (standard, nature, and throwback) have 110 different cards. By taking all, you’ll essentially have 3 different games (and experiences). They may be played independently and you could start with any of the versions.

What is 69 about?

69 is a drinking game with crazy (and mostly sexual) dares and Never-have-I-evers. It’s literally 69! IFYKYK.

We also have a more comprehensive, and wholesome, description of all our games in the catalog to help you decide. Click here to download.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! The only place we can’t deliver to is Mars, and that’s only because human inhabitation hasn’t been confirmed, yet.

There’s an extra delivery fee, but we promise it’s not a lot.

Same day delivery?

Most times, yea! We don’t want to keep you waiting! We will always communicate on the expected delivery times.

Do you have wholesale prices?

We do! Wholesalers are welcome and encouraged. We have amazing terms as well and our games will be a great addition to whatever else you’re selling. Feel free to add “I sell Koolioh Games” to your side hustles list. We will give you all the support you need to excel. Drop us an email for further info.

Help! I don’t want to pay the shipping fee.

Totally get it! Come to town and pick your games up. Address is Imenti House, first floor room A3. You’ll always find games there. Other locations are Bodega, Bodega Jamhuri, Nyali near City Mall, and Shan Punjab distributors in Diani. Call our number should you have trouble getting to any of those places.

Still have a question? Send an email to or Text/WhatsApp/Call 0794264256

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